Laura Morris, 2017

“During my time in PERL I was particularly interested in learning more about how children physiologically respond to altitude. I was inspired to continue down a health-related path and have since trained as a therapeutic radiographer, working back home in the UK. It would be a dream to specialize in paediatric radiotherapy in the future.”

Thesis: Cerebrovascular and ventilatory responses to acute normobaric hypoxia in girls and women

Nathan Sletten, 2017

“I am the Data Analyst and Awards Officer in the College of Graduate Studies at UBC’s Okanagan campus.  Although my current career is not directly related to my degree, I’ve kept my foot in academia and use the skills I’ve honed in PERL to now support graduate students through scholarship application assistance and payments, data analytics and reporting, and providing strategic direction for the College with respect to scholarship and award funding and initiatives.”

Thesis: Effects of high-intensity interval exercise on vasodilator function in children

Ryan Simair, 2017

Thesis: Effects of exercise intensity on anterior cerebral perfusion in prepubertal children

Victoria Armstrong, 2017

Thesis: The impact of shear rate and prolonged sitting on endothelial function in children