Dr. Ali McManus

work phone: 2508078192


Dr. Ali McManus earned her doctorate from the University of Exeter, UK and held a faculty position at the University of Hong Kong for 18 years before joining the School of Health and Exercise Sciences at UBC in Kelowna in 2013. She is the current President of the North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine and serves on the editorial board of Pediatric Exercise Science.  She directs the CFI funded Pediatric Inactivity Physiology Laboratory, which focuses on generating a greater appreciation of the cardiopulmonary and vascular impact exercise, physical activity and sedentary behavior play in the health and wellbeing of children.


Dr. McManus’ lab is pursuing the following areas of research:

  • creating a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms by which cardiopulmonary and vascular adaptations to exercise occur in the child and adolescent;
  • generating a detailed appreciation of the impact prolonged sitting has upon cardiopulmonary and vascular function in childhood;
  • developing novel intervention strategies for the prevention and treatment of sitting-induced cardiopulmonary and vascular dysfunction in childhood.